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Everything is in motion, sometimes it is slow and not easy to discern other times so fast one is unable to make sense of it.  Photography freezes motion, allowing us to 'see' the subject in greater detail. We can contemplate subtleties, photography moves into our imagination.   As a photographer I am always looking to find images that allow our imaginations to soar. I work with dancers; dancers are  beautiful story tellers; stories of emotions.  To be able to capture the emotions that a dancer is expressing  is one

of my goals.


In addition to dance and dancers I have always been in love with nature, with trees being a special interest.  The pattern a tree has with the trunk and branches  is a form of motion that allows our imagination to create images that have great

spiritual meaning. 


Trees create shape through growth.  Some species, like a poplar, form the shapes in a relatively short time, whereas a redwood creates the shape over centuries.  Dancers create shapes through movement as well, however, the time is measured in seconds not years.  Both trees and dancers are constrained by the force of gravity.  Each are striving to challenge gravity only to find the limit it imposes. There is a limit how high a tree can grow or a dancer jump.  What is limitless is the power each has to inspire imagination in other people.  Emotion is what both project.  

William Munoz
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