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4 Ravens Gallery is a collaborative effort by local, professional artists, exploring the innovative use of materials and expressing with quality craftsmanship. We opened in 2012 in the center of Missoula, on the corner of Higgins and Broadway, and doubled our space in 2017 to include two additional showrooms. And in 2020 we moved down the block to the sweet space that used to be the home for the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. The content of the gallery is constantly changing, so please come by and see us!

4 Ravens Gallery 2015

Pictures from the new location coming soon....

We are grateful to represent over 75 artisans whose work reflects our own sense of innovation and quality.

Here is sampling of the work available in our Missoula location, but not all the work is available to purchase online. Please call us if you would like some personal shopping assistance. 



“There is an inherent

pleasure in making.

We might call this

“joie de faire”

(like joie de vivre)

to indicate that there is

something important,

even urgent,

to be said about

the sheer enjoyment

of making something

exist that didn’t exist before,

of using one’s own

agency, dexterity, feelings

and judgment

to mold, form, touch, hold

and craft physical materials,

apart from anticipating

the fact of its

eventual beauty,


or usefulness.”


Ellen Dissanayake

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