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Maryann Eikens
clay, bronze, and wax mixed-media

Adorn your home or office with an array of original bronze sculptures depicting natural scenes, wildlife, figures, and monuments from around the world. Bronze sculptor Maryann Eikens specializes in classic and modern

bronze sculpture art, drawing inspiration from all living creatures.

Bronze sculpture art is Maryann’s artistic media of choice because of the depth and variation

of the patina,

the longevity of the metal, and the rich color and detail that it allows.


Maryann’s bronze statues and sculptures bring out the unique beauty of each subject. Many of her bronze statues are inspired by the

fierce and majestic

animals of the Northern U.S. and Canada,

from the iconic wolf

and fearsome bear,

moose, mountain goats

and the loyal hunting dogs that help sportsmen tame these wild woods.


Maryann’s sculptures exhibit beauty and grace, with fluid action, gripping expression and exceptional detail.

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