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Lisa Ernst
hand made Montana porcelain

Raised in a family of naturalists, teachers, organic gardeners and artists she developed her innate affinity for the natural world growing up on a place steeped in 11 generations of family history. Drawn into clay at the age of 13, she honed talents at Kansas City Art Institute earning a BFA, followed by an MA from U of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Lisa moved to Montana in 1980 where she still lives and works. The studio is a large and airy 1300 square foot space,

located in a rural mountain community with a clear view of Tizer mountain.

"I make fine porcelain pieces for the enjoyment of good food shared with family and friends. The work is both functional and artistic. Stylistically, Asian, European, eclectic; it is a  good fit in most any environment. Microwave and dishwasher safe."

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