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March 2020

Bill Ryder

mixed-media sculpture

Helena artist Bill Ryder draws on a background of mechanics, welding, and life experiences to create mixed-media sculpture using new and found metal, driftwood, and unique pieces found at estate sales. Movement and dynamic tension are expressed in the flowing lines of driftwood supported by a welded infrastructure, or in the rescued old Singer sewing machine that morphs into a proud horse. Bill notes “Deep primal feelings are evoked which are expressed in tears of joy, smiles and laughter when people interact with the large driftwood elks as well as the tiniest wire horses.” 

opening reception March 6


Featuring live music

Susan Morgan

Adornment 6

contemporary jewelry

Dona Miller


Sue Savage

These two artists both handcraft unique wearable art but their contrasting takes on contemporary expression highlight just some of the creative possibilities available to fine craft jewelers.

opening reception February 7


Featuring live music by

 The Sundogs

Dona Miller

"My wish is for each piece to be a talisman, infused with love, and a reminder of how special each of us are."

Dona creates individually handcrafted pieces in tarnish resistant and reclaimed sterling silver and sources stones mined in the US. The “Foglia” series features hand-forged fine silver leaves accented with pearls and crystals.

Sue Savage

Colorful, whimsical one-of-a-kind art to wear influenced by the 17th-century Japanese technique, Mokume-gane.


"I start with hand-mixed colors to build the initial palette then enhance hews and augment detail with many different materials. Always a bit funky sparked by the serendipitous results of the process."

c William Munoz  2018 "Alice Cooper at Kettlehouse"


Music in Missoula

Through the Camera

Missoula photographer William Munoz presents a collection of images from the last five years of concerts in the Missoula area. This exhibit features over 25 artists, including scenes from performances by Trey Anastasio, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Dawes, Sylvan Esso, Alice Cooper, Dean Ween, Lake Street Dive and Dorothy.

opening December  5

showing through January 24

Music has the ability to elevate the human spirit. On the one hand it is only the vibration of particles. But music is much more than mere physical movement, it is able to move us emotionally, it can comfort us, it aids in moving the creative process. Each phase of our lives have different challenges and the music we listen to is significant to those. Music is essential to the human condition. No culture exists that does not have some form of music—it is a link to that essence that all humans share.

William Munoz

The Blackbird: Anew

A Raven Inspired Invitational

To celebrate our 7th anniversary, we are featuring new interpretations of our favorite bird by Judy Arledge, Georgia Mann, Maryann Eikens, Larry Blackwood, Brenda Wolf, Cheryl Brown, DG House (pictured), Jennifer Ogden, Bill Ryder, and Dennis Althoff.

through November

c DG House 2019 "In the Summer Wind"

October 2019


p h o t o g r a p h y

Carol Marshall

If every photograph is a self-portrait, these images illustrate my appreciation of the cycle of life.


I am a wanderer, and this body of work is a departure from how I tend to photograph. I enjoy having some discipline to my practice, and over time I have gravitated toward having a specific project in mind. It might be capturing the graphic nature of architecture, or observing the unlimited variations of water.


This work is a collection of images based on one distinct subject, which is leaves in transition.These leaves were found while exploring Lopez Island. With each individual leaf, the colors and textures, pushed out at the end of their life cycle, are unique, subtle and brilliant.


The medium I selected for printing was rice paper. It is sturdy, but also has a fragile quality to it that allows the light to penetrate the work.


I have attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and was able to broaden my education by assisting at the school for a number of years. Over time I have become more engaged in the community. My work has been displayed twice at Market on Front. Additionally, interior images of the abandoned Mercantile I captured were selected to be placed in the hotel built on that site.

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