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Dona Miller
artisan jewelry

I gained my appreciation of hammers and tools from my father, and design and style from my mother. My love of stones and texture brings all of this together in my work as a jewelry artist. Most of my work is one-of-a-kind pieces focused around a distinctive stone and complemented with texture and shape.

Nature is my biggest influence, especially water. Many of my textures are inspired by the light effects on moving water. Cultures from my travel also influence the shapes in my designs. In all of my work I try to capture the spirit of the world around us. Each piece in my collections is hand fabricated in our Oregon studio with attention to design and craftsmanship. And all of our work is overseen by at least one of our dogs.


My wish is for each piece to be a talisman, infused with love, and a reminder of how special each of us are.


My work and studio are nature and environment friendly. I work mainly in tarnish resistant sterling silver which is reclaimed and recycled. My focal stones are mined in the US (with only a few exceptions when I find one I can’t resist). All stones are ethically sourced.

Dona's process in her own words.....

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