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sterling ring copper wire laced wrap

Sterling Ring with Copper Wrap


This unique ring is a Susie Frances original,  handcrafted with sterling silver and a copper wrap detail, size 7.

  • There are several factors which might affect how a ring fits, such as the shape of your fingers, the width and weight of the ring, even the time of day. We hope you already know your ring size, but if you don’t, try this:

    • Cut a piece of paper about 3 inches long and about as wide as the ring you are ordering.
    • Wrap the paper around the base of your finger and mark where the paper meets. It needs to fit snugly, but not too tight.
    • Using a ruler, measure the distance between the start of the paper and the mark you made and use that number to estimate your ring size from the list below. If you are in doubt, order the next size up.

    Length  Ring size

    2 1/8”       5

    2 ¼”         6

    2 3/8”       7

    2 ½”         8

    2 11/16”   9

    2 13/16”  10

    2 15/16”  11

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