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textured clay fox portrait glazed in orange and white

Mr. Fox


Bright eyed and bushy tailed, that's Mr Fox. This hand-crafted sculpture is created from clay and is 5"X4."

  • Trudy Skari

    My work is an intuitive leap into the murky world of our own depths, I am inspired by the unseen, the misunderstood and chance encounters.

    My influences are prehistoric works, ajar keening back to our most basic impulses, and the challenges of survival. Our response to our environment through observation and interaction in the natural world. With forces beyond our control and the telling stories that explain what we witness daily.

    I am influenced by our ages-old yearnings to participate in the lives of creatures who are not like us. To emulate, imitate, incorporate and embody our best guess as to why the world is as it is.

    My fondest wish is that the experience of my work will generate a bit of a gasp of recognition and delight, a smile and access to that place within that longs for connection, love, and laughter.

    My work participates in gesture, leaves some suggestion of a desire for more, when it demands that the viewer complete the thought, then that is when I have traveled a little closer to a successful piece.

    Clay hold on to the memory of every touch, push and pull, compression and expansion. Often it is only after the firing will the body very subtly reveal traces of the ways the artist’s hands have lingered, paused, and embedded the piece with whispers of longings desire and story. These unexpected revelations of texture and intent are evidence of what my hand knows and the fact that my thinking mind may not have been aware enough to ask of the piece.

    My work is about honoring the great gift that is bestowed on us, to live a life on this planet to participate in the awareness, that we are here together, working as one, in understanding, in fear, in empathy and knowledge. My work is about celebrating the difficult task of being human.

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