Nancy Greenfield


#167 Fog Lift
#099 1st People's Buffalo Jump
#151 Buffalo Sky
#055 St.Mary's Lake Glacier
#037 Rattlesnake Creek Missoula, MT
_022 Green House
_032 Missoula's Peace Sign
#040 Riverdale Missouri River, MT
_026 Mamma & Baby Horses
_010 Bison Range Moise, MT I
_240 The M
The Birdtail

I am a Montana photographer/artist in love with history, nature, and science.  Growing up in Helena, my paternal grandparents were historians and taught me to love stories from the past.  I have a large body of work following my Great Grandfather's footsteps around Montana, capturing his life in images. This led me to the Native American history and spirituality which is another body of work. 

Now I hope to bring science and community elements into my photography. 

I use in-camera creative techniques and/or Photo Shop to create/edit my images.  My limited editions are printed on water color paper and printed with archival inks. This means they will not fade for around 70 years.

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